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Sparta was one of the most powerful city-states in Ancient Greece.

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Sparta which had already existed in the Mycenaean Age and is seen as one of the most important cities of that period, was a very different kind of city-state.

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Sparta tours give you a taste of both Byzantine and ancient Greece, and take you to a tour where you can meet and feel the gorgeous natural phenomena near Sparta, such as the impressive Diros Caves, and sites of immense importance, such as the historical Byzantine fortress city of Mystras and the gorgeous Venetian castle-city Monemvasia.The ancient Greek city of Sparta was ruled by two kings, one from each of the two founding families, Agaidai and Eurypontidae.These men were recruited from the highest social class, the.Boys were taught survival skills, encouraged to steal what they needed without getting caught, and, under certain circumstances, to murder helots.Until the 11th and 12 centuries, last names were rare in ancient Greece.

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The Western Roman Empire began to fade around 300 AD, and Greece became a part of the Byzantine Empire, or the Eastern Roman Empire.Sparta is a town in the Peloponnese and capital of the Prefecture of Laconia in Greece.The four towns that made up the area united into one, and it was called Sparta, or Lakedaemon.Laconia is a part of a vaster region, Lacedaemon, a name which has also been used to denote the city of Sparta.A twin sister of Clytemnestra, she also had the twin brothers Castor and Pollux, also known as the Dioscuri.

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History of ancient Greece, including the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, the time of Homer, the rise of Sparta and Athens, the rise of Athenian democracy, the Persian Wars, the development of Greek philosophy, the Peloponnesian Wars, and the rise of the kingdom of Macedon under Philip II.If you enjoy using my Greece Guides and find this page useful please share it with your friends on Facebook by using the buttons on this, and other pages.

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In Greek mythology Sparta was the Naiad-nymph of the main spring, well or fountain of the town of Sparta in Lacedaemonia (southern Greece).Sparta is based on the location of the same name from Greek Mythology, and the real life city.

The municipality was merged with six nearby municipalities in 2011, for a total population (as of 2011) of 35,259, of whom 17,408 lived in the city.Its inhabitants were classified as Spartiates (Spartan citizens, who enjoyed full rights), Mothakes (non-Spartan free men raised as Spartans), Perioikoi (freedmen), and Helots (state-owned serfs.The image of Sparta as a brutal, illiterate, unenlightened civilization is rooted more in Athenian propaganda then in truth.

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The Plague of War: Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Ancient Greece (Ancient Warfare and Civilization) by Jennifer T.

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Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) was the capital city and Constantine I became its first Christian Emperor.Let your restaurant, your food courier and our apps work hard for you.Ancient Greek warriors were citizen soldiers, except for the professional army of Sparta, and warfare became somewhat standardized to allow for soldier-farmers to tend to their farms.

After three days of holding their own against the Persian king Xerxes I and his vast southward-advancing army, the Greeks.Spartan kings inherited their roles, a job filled by the leader of each family.

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