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Pleeeeeease read the instructions with the deep fryer before using it with a turkey.If you put a frozen turkey into a vat of hot oil, it shoots into the air like a geyser.

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Avoid an EXPLODING Turkey Take extra precautions while deep frying turkeys this holiday season.New Orleans Has an Exploding Turkey Problem In New Orleans, Thanksgiving has oyster dressing, dirty rice, jambalaya, and fried turkey—of course, because everyone fries turkey here.

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I fry a couple of breasts, a few thighs, and a few drumsticks.

Turkey has been in the headlines over the last few weeks as a currency crisis has rocked that country.

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Also, the mess that frying food creates is excessive and hard to clean.

For the second year in a row, my friends and I fried a turkey for Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving Day keeps firefighters busy as a deep-fried turkey is one of the leading causes of fire-related accidents during the holiday season.The only thing is that a lot of caution needs to be taken when using a turkey fryer, or property damage and injuries can occur.The turkey docudrama is the latest of several projects for the busy 80-year-old entertainer.Plus, frying your turkey takes less time than roasting, and frees up valuable oven space for sides, dressing, casseroles, and pies.For those not in the know, deep frying a turkey is sensationally dangerous, particularly if the bird is frozen.

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It needs to be completely thawed — and ideally, brined — for one to three days.Straight out of Wisconsin, fried cheese curds are a favorite at carnivals and fairs.

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We did a taste test 2 years ago, did one not brined, and other brined, and the brined was.Water and ice on the turkey is going to interact with the oil and explode.

We all enjoy gathering at the table to share our Thanksgving feast with family and friends.

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The taste of fried food however, can cause even the most healthy person to cave every once in a while and spoil themselves to a heaping helping of their favorite fried dish.Stacking egg rolls on top of each other before they are cooked can cause the bottom layer to.

Deep-fry the egg rolls until they are golden brown on both sides.Here is a satirical melody about turkey ruined by deep frying the wrong way.This short safety video from the Texas Fire Marshal shows how to safely deep-fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.

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They look like little balls of popcorn and taste like cheese.

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Coupled with earlier data, there is a clear improvement, but there are still an estimated 15 deaths each year on Thanksgiving due to fryer accidents and more than 1,000 fryer-related fires each year.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission demonstrates what not to do this Thanksgiving: drop a frozen turkey into a hot deep fryer.

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You end with nice crispy delicious turkey skin and super moist meat. permalink.We did a taste test 2 years ago, did one not brined, and other brined, and the brined was way.It also shows a bunch of fireballs, oil blazes and exploding turkeys.The Turkey must be totally thawed out and drained of any water.

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Dangers of Deep Fried Turkey 1 comment Lured in by the promise of moist, sweet turkey meat, the deep fryer has become an increasingly popular way to make Thanksgiving dinner.

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I deep-fried a turkey, and the storyteller in me half-longs to spin tales of exploding poultry and blazing grease fires necessitating a visit from a handsome, well-built firefighter.A collection the finest Turkey fireballs and mishaps there is to offer.

Lured in by the promise of moist, sweet turkey meat, the deep fryer has become an increasingly popular way to make Thanksgiving dinner.The popping and exploding oil from the pan can also easily cause burn injuries.

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Department of Homeland Security comes out just in the nick of time -to warn Americans of the danger of deep-frying turkeys.And, you know, that pot of oil just begs for Thanksgiving to turn into your own wee state fair.

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